Extra Blog - Jaron Shelby

Dear Abe,
      I am now one of many, I am a recruit fighting in the civil war and already coming up with ideas on how to defeat the South. You should have kept me as general. I am organizing a surprise attack on the Dixie, with this blue liquid, it will stain all of their uniforms, then we wont be able to tell who were firing at. Do you like the idea I was drunk when I came up with it.
     Just to let you know I have made quite the ruckus at my democrat speeches and have most of the country on my side, good luck beating me. Once president I plan to put this country back together, fix what you have broken. The war will be over with one attack, and the union and rebelling states will be unified once again.
     If you think being a drunk fighting in the war and running for president is too much for me to handle just remember I am George B. McClellan.

Good luck,
GENERAL George B. McClellan