Enlistment - Private Richardson - Miguel Pavon

Dear Mom,

this is my second time goin in the army! im also a little sad that i wont see you and my five sisters and six brothers. Dont worry, the rebels would surrendur quickly. i remember back when i was  6 years old back in 1848, i wus already workin with you in the general store you ownd. I see some fimilir faces on my rejiment, most of em say they farm. good thing dad let me use his gun, at least i got a littl trainin from that. i dont know that my rejiment leader would trust me with a gun, after the time i got cort martaled for stealin some food from one of my old leaders. sorry, it was that i was relly hungry at the time. well i hope that mye siblyngs are safe and so should you.

With Love,