1863 - Private Richardson - Miguel Pavon

I am doing an editorial for my blog.

Honestly, my opinon about the war is that its no use. Tens of tousands of men are dying in the battlefild, and the war seems to be going nowere. Althouh the battle at Gettisburg was a huge sucsess, I feel like nether side won, acording to the casualteas in both sides. I have hope that the Union has the advantaje, and we will win this bloody war, but victory alwais comes at a price. when ever I fought at Gettisburg, the soldiers around me were droping like flies. For the goverment, us solders are just numbers. It is amazing to realise that I have killed pepole that I didn't have a clue of who they were, just becase two old men were, and still are, arguin to whether reunit the rebeling states.