1864 - Lieutenent McClellan - Jaron Shelby

Dear Family,
      What a year!!! With the help of 60,000 recruits plus some tactics the union finally is starting to win. I'm sure you heard about the now famous Sermon March. They marched ruthlessly threw Georgia destroying everything in the slightest bit of value. Pretty awe-inspiring don't you think! Surprisingly not even I thought to do that.
     My campaign for president is going pretty great the democrats elected me to run against Abe. I am going to win by against a land slide -- Abe is so ignorant!!! I just hope that the fact that I got fired from general of the union army, over estimated the Confederate troops by a large margin, and couldn't defeat those rebels at Adamant doesn't detract from my campaign. I don't think it will, even if it does I still will win. I'm thinking about coming home the war is coming to an end and well I miss you and Max and May.

Miss You,
George B McClellan ( Jaron Shelby)