1864 - Extra Blog - Jaron Shelby

Reminder to self,
      I just had a lot to drink and I feel really relax I feel as if I could jump off a cliff and survive carefree if you will. I need to talk to Mr. Grant about enlisting myself back into the army now sense thing have calm down and the chance of my dying are slim, the world can't lose a brain as brilliant as mine.

Days Have Past
Dear Family, 
     I woke up in the hospital because I overdosed on alcohol. I missed a couple of important speeches for my campaign. They held a draft yesterday and I wasn't able to enter I guess i'll have to ask around and see if I can be smuggled in. For now i'm stuck here in the hospital and sadly the food is worse than hardtack and the salt pork we used to eat in the army.
     On second thought maybe I shouldn't join the union, after all i'm starting to think I have a little bit of a problem. Write me back and tell me what you think I should do.

Thank you, 
George B McClellan (Jaron Shelby)