Enlistment - Corporal Norton - Christina Nguyen

im Corpural Norton,
Tom Norton's my name.
There's a lot about me, that id like to proclaime.
I was from ireland, born and raised,
but i moved to America, where I spent most of my military days.
My favorite dessurts are cakes,
The kind my lovely wife makes,
And written a couple of books,
I think you should take a look.
I lived in a small frame house,
with my children and spouse,
We lived in illinois,
before I became emploied.
I had to part from my familey, and sure I was sad,
but being in the army is pretty rad.
My children will miss me,
but it's for the better, you'll see,
And when I was enlisted,
I worked well and was unassisted.
Listen to me here,
there's no feed to fear,
I am a great leader,
as much as I am a great reader.
Hardworking is my middul name, 
and i sure won't put it to shame. 
I'll give working in the army my all,
and i'll make sure we don't fall.