1863 - Lieutenant General McClellan - Jaron Shelby

Dear Family,
      Although I am not involved in the war anymore I am still keeping up with it. I read the daily newspapers and am still following the war to the second, I kind of miss it. I cant help but think what could I have done different at Antietam. I have been using it as a learning experience, I am paying attention to Grants strategies. I've learned a lot.
      I'm sure you heard the Union had a major victory at Gettysburg, Grant crushed those seceded states. I am thinking about enlisting in the army as a regular solider, even though my rank wouldn't be as high.
      I have started to go down the wrong path I am starting to become a heavy drinker, and hanging out in the wrong parts of town, I need something in my life to turn it around. I think the military is it!!!! All the tactics are food to my brain. My only concern is sense Abe made such a big deal about demoting me people wont look at me the same way. I will be joining the Yanks soon.

Miss you,
George B. McClellan (Jaron Shelby)